Area Farm Plan

Developing the Area Farm Plan including consultation with Salt Spring Community, including this well-attended all day workshop at GISS.

Developing the Area Farm Plan included consultation with the Salt Spring Community, such as at this well-attended all day workshop at GISS.

The Salt Spring Island Area Farm Plan was adopted in 2008 following the completion of an agricultural land use inventory and community consultation process. The Farm Plan guides long-term planning and management of agricultural land on the island, with the goal of increasing food production and supporting local farmers.

The key recommendations of the Farm Plan include the establishment of the Alliance and the SSI Farmland Trust Society.  The Farm Plan also recommends the development of several community facilities that support the expansion of agricultural and food production activities. The upgrades of the Abattoir and the planning for the Farm Centre for Food Security are the current priorities of the Alliance.

The Farm Plan was made possible through support from the Investment Agricultural Foundation of British Columbia, Islands Trust, Capital Regional District, Salt Spring Island Farmers Institute, Island Natural Growers and the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

How are we doing, see an update: Farmland-Facilities-Food

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