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2005 Salt Spring Island Local Produce Study (ING) -
The broad goal of the Local Produce Study is to contribute to increasing Salt Spring Island’s food self-sufficiency by improving produce production and the coordination of produce storage, distribution and marketing. The study focused on produce grown primarily for sale including all vegetables, fruits, nuts, pulses and other edible crops sold for human food such as mushrooms and culinary herbs.
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2010 Salt Spring Island Local Produce Study (Islands Trust) -
This study presents information about the amount and types of commercial produce production on Salt Spring Island. It also provides information about the resources that are used to produce local food. And, finally, it provides preliminary information about assessing the amount of food production in home gardens.
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2012 Produce Centre Plan -
This plan outlines the mandate and proposed operational functions of the Salt Spring Island Farm Produce Centre. The timing for the development of the Centre is linked to an allocation of land to the community from a Salt Spring business as a condition of removing land from the Agricultural Land Reserve. The conditions also include providing a building and a cash contribution that can be used for the development of the produce centre on the allocated site. The estimated value of the contribution is $380,000. ...
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2012 Produce Centre Plan Presentation -
The centre is an essential service in the development of the SSI agricultural economy and SSI food security. The aim is to develop a multi- purpose hub for storage, processing and distribution of Salt Spring farm produce.
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2014 Consultation Summary (Consolidated) -
The Produce Centre Planning Committee (PCPC) hosted a community meeting on November 2, 2014 at the Salt Spring Public Library to present the draft Conceptual Design Plan and solicit public feedback and discussion. Approximately 50 people attended the session. Attendees were given the opportunity to view the plans and speak individually with the Designer and PCPC members before the plenary presentation and discussion.
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2014 Draft Conceptual Plan Summary - We envision the Produce Centre as a community facility where local farmers aggregate, package and distribute their produce and where local small-scale processors transform locally grown produce into value-added products such as sauces, juices and preserves. Many small and medium-sized farmers and processors t would find it cost-prohibitive to construct a facility like this on their own, but a shared facility can meet the need affordably, providing specialized equipment and space through a cost-recovery, non-profit model. Download PDF
2014 Produce Centre Draft Conceptual Plans - The illustrations in this document include "Sketch View From North West", "Sketch View From South East", "Location Map", "Layout For Main Floor", "Layout For Basement" and "Layout For Upper Floor" Download PDF
A Brief History of Farming on Salt Spring Island -
Salt Spring Island "will always be remembered as absolutely the first agricultural settlement in the then Colony of Vancouver Island." Edward Mallandaine in his B. C. Directory, 1887 ...
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A Citizens Guide: Protecting Agricultural Land in British Columbia (2005) -
This guide is designed to assist citizens in understanding both the importance of preserving agricultural land in BC, as well as the means to doing so.
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Abattoir Birthday Bash -
The Abattoir is turning one. Come Celebrate at the retire the debt birthday bash.
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