Salt Spring Abattoir

Salt Spring Abattoir

The Salt Spring Abattoir is a community facility managed by the non-profit Salt Spring Abattoir Society. The Abattoir was built to remove the need for farmers to leave the island for slaughter service, ensure humane treatment of animals, and increase local food production and food security.

The facility opened in late 2012, offering poultry and lamb service. In the winter of 2016 $30,000 was invested in upgrading the facility to handle cattle and pigs.  The first pigs were processed in August 2016. The introduction of beef service is planned for later this year.

The Alliance is actively raising funds to pay off the remaining debt from the construction of this specialized facility, as well as to assist the Salt Spring Abattoir Society in implementing a long-term, cost-recovery operational model. Successes of both efforts will significantly increase the resiliency of our island’s food system.

Tens of thousands of dollars were raised through grassroots efforts in 2014 and with support possible from a Vancity EnviroFund grant. Grant money was also used to compile and submit a rezoning application to secure the current site as the long term location of the Abattoir.

Background Documents


See the progress we made in these before and after images of our facilities …




… and in this video tour of the faility.


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