The Alliance represents agricultural interests to all levels of government. We write letters to decision-makers, participate in relevant discussion forums and meet with local, provincial and federal regulators whose mandates impact food production on Salt Spring. We share our experience with other communities, traveling near and far to educate, problem-solve and offer inspiration to those working towards similar goals.

The Alliance has recently provided advocacy on many issues including farm worker housing, pesticide use along SSI roadways, Agricultural Waste Control, the preservation of farming in Burgoyne Bay Provincial Park, and non-farm use of ALR land at 181 Brinkworthy.

(2009) Farm Housing Committee – Literature Review -
SSIAA - Farm Housing Committee - Literature Review (2009)
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(2009) The Farm Assessment Review Recommendations from Salt Spring Island -
The objective of the farm assessment review is to ensure that the farm property assessment process is fair, equitable, straight forward and accommodates the regional diversity of our agricultural community.
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(2009) Burgoyne Bay Provincial Park Management Plan -
This letter repeats the concerns and ideas already expressed and is our submission to the public comment process ending November 20. This letter is also a letter of proposal for an Ecological Farm Management Plan, first proposed at a meeting with Scott Benton and Brian Bawtinheimer over a year ago.
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(2012) Agricultural Waste Control Regulation Response -
Salt Spring Island Agricultural Alliance's response to the Agricultural Waste Control Regulation.
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