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Area Farm Plan

(2008) Area Farm Plan Detailed, Masselink -
"That Salt Spring Island becomes a place where agriculture is a strong, vital and productive part of the local economy and is carried out in a manner that promotes and protects a sustainable community." - Guiding Vision
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(2008) Area Farm Plan Presentation, Masselink -
Purpose | Improve the long-term health and viability of a community's agricultural economy.
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(2008) Area Farm Plan Summary -
Farmers are solitary people. We love our animals and we carefully tend our crops. And yet, in order to revitalize agriculture in our community, we know we have to work together. That’s why the three key recommendations of the Salt Spring Island Area Farm Plan all speak to the need to collaborate, cooperate, and coordinate.
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Produce Centre Planning

(2012) Produce Centre Plan -
This plan outlines the mandate and proposed operational functions of the Salt Spring Island Farm Produce Centre. The timing for the development of the Centre is linked to an allocation of land to the community from a Salt Spring business as a condition of removing land from the Agricultural Land Reserve. The conditions also include providing a building and a cash contribution that can be used for the development of the produce centre on the allocated site. The estimated value of the contribution is $380,000. ...
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(2012) Produce Centre Plan Presentation -
The centre is an essential service in the development of the SSI agricultural economy and SSI food security. The aim is to develop a multi- purpose hub for storage, processing and distribution of Salt Spring farm produce.
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(2014) Draft Conceptual Plan Summary - We envision the Produce Centre as a community facility where local farmers aggregate, package and distribute their produce and where local small-scale processors transform locally grown produce into value-added products such as sauces, juices and preserves. Many small and medium-sized farmers and processors t would find it cost-prohibitive to construct a facility like this on their own, but a shared facility can meet the need affordably, providing specialized equipment and space through a cost-recovery, non-profit model. Download PDF
(2014) Produce Centre Draft Conceptual Plans - The illustrations in this document include "Sketch View From North West", "Sketch View From South East", "Location Map", "Layout For Main Floor", "Layout For Basement" and "Layout For Upper Floor" Download PDF
(2014) Consultation Summary -
The Produce Centre Planning Committee (PCPC) hosted a community meeting on November 2, 2014 at the Salt Spring Public Library to present the draft Conceptual Design Plan and solicit public feedback and discussion. Approximately 50 people attended the session. Attendees were given the opportunity to view the plans and speak individually with the Designer and PCPC members before the plenary presentation and discussion.
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(2014-02-12) Information from the Agricultural Alliance farmers meeting -
Information from the Agricultural Alliance Farmers Meeting Sunday, February 12, 2012. Purpose of the Meeting: To discuss the proposed plans for a farm produce centre on the Beddis Road site.
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(2014) Produce Centre Consultation Summary from Storage and Wholesaling Focus Group -
Salt Spring Farm Produce Centre - Consultation Summary: March 5, 2014 Storage + Wholesaling Focus Group
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Fundraiser Events (2013/2014)

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